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FreeStateTours is an unusual concept in personalized travel. We love to travel and we love to share our travels. As we have shared our experiences with close friends and family over the years we have built awesome tours for our own use. The tours shown and offered are our favorite areas that we love returning to time after time. We love to see the joy on the faces of people when they visit bucket-list level sites with us. Travel with us is like traveling with friends and we feel this not possible with a big busload of strangers. We try to make our tours as cheap as possible while maintaining comfortable hotels, flights, and vehicles. We try to offer unique experiences that you might miss if doing these types of trips on your own or within a large group. We don’t mind customizing a trip for smaller or larger groups but feel that 4 to 6 people is a sweet spot. So if you have specific needs for group sizes, attractions that need to be added or deleted just ask. We will do our best to give you the experience you’d like to have all while taking away the headache and stress of planning it.

Maho Beach Sint Maarten
Disney Paris
WWI Museum
Enzo Ferrari