We started Free State Tours as a private hobby. The goal was to help friends and family travel to inspirational locations. We used our vast personal and professional travel experience to access elite locations and share the world of travel with just our friends and family. Nothing gives us joy like sharing a special place we love with others.

The danger in having so much fun traveling with our friends is that they tell others about the great experience or pilgrimages we have made together. Due to the popular demands from our friends and family, we finally decided to open up our unique world of travel experiences to a fortunate few who want to share our personal brand of ultra-small group tours. We are in this to have fun, show other people amazing places and make friends along the way. We really don’t do this for the money. We “usually” make enough to cover our expenses. It’s a labor of love for people and special places.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre


We like inspirational sites from the special religious sites of Israel to the modern automotive engineering of Europe and beyond.

Top down fun


We personally don’t like large group bus tours. They move at the speed of the slowest or fastest person and in a ridged fashion. Our Strategy is more simplistic. Our tour groups are normally 2 to 6 people per guide. This allows us the flexibility to stay longer when we find an inspirational place to enjoy or move on quickly when the experience is complete in a short period of time.

911 tour
Camels in the desert


Our focus is on fun and experiencing as much as possible on every trip. As a small group we are agile and can do and see a lot more than the large bus tours can.

So who are we?

Israel Museum

Dan & Stacey Luttrell are the owners and travel experience guides of Free State Tours

Dan Luttrell is the organizer and dreamer of the team. His travel skills and passion make for an exciting and usually non-stop adventure. He has a background in risk management and safety in addition to his passion for travel, history, and religion. His lifelong enjoyment of fine automobiles adds to the equation.

Haifa Israel

Stacey Luttrell is the brains and logic behind each itinerary. She also has a passion for travel but also insight into what works for each traveler and what will not. Her background in finance and insurance keeps it all grounded as well. Her love for animals and God creates a unique ability to find travel experiences you might otherwise could miss.

BMW Welt
33rd Anniversary at the Wedding Church in Cana, Israel

Guest leaders are sometimes added to spice up a tour with local flavor or other special assistance. These are close friends or family members that also have a passion for travel and the places we love to visit.

Travel Should be a fun Adventure

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